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You have arrived at the right place, in case you are considering a career move. Your CV will be rewritten by a headhunter who is experienced in evaluating candidates for the past 5 years.Your resume writer Paul, has worked in the Engineering and Construction Industry for 20 years, before he started to do headhunting. Paul has worked globally and placed candidates. Paul knows what catches the attention of a recruiter and what does not, by experience.

Headhunter turned Resume writer

Your “resume” will be written by a headhunter having more than 5 years of experience, who has scanned 1000’s of CV's a part of his work.

Tailor made evaluation process

We prepare a tailor made questionnaire for each individual, to identify the best of your skills and competencies.

Money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, your money is returned.

Resume Development Process

A good resume should be easy to read and present your story in a way that your key skills and competencies are easy to spot.

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Resume Writer

Paul has worked in Degremont and contributed to setting up a "Global Engineering Center" in India at Gurgaon.

Paul James

Resume writing Principles

These are some of the golden rules to follow, while developing your resume.

Less is more:

Follow the golden rule. Don’t write everything you did in your career. You should capture your major achievements and your key competencies

Know thyself:

Do you know yourself well ? Have you discovered what you stand for ? What your values are ? The darkest place is right under the candle. You should find the best of you and present it.

Keep it Simple:

Keep your words and presentation simple. All the great things are simple as told by Winston Churchill.